The Best Hair Styling Products For Your Hair Type


Hair mousse, hair gel, hair paste, hair wax, hair spray, hair lotion. The array of hair styling product choices is vast, and let’s be real, kind of overwhelming. If you’re confused about which hair styling product will do the job for your hair type, your best bet is to ask your hair stylist what they use on your hair—and buy it!

But don’t stop there. Before you leave the salon, ask for a demo on how to use the stuff—how much to spray, where to put it on your head, whether to work it into damp or dry hair, etc. Knowledge is power after all, and knowing exactly how to use your hair styling product will make it that much more effective.

Here are some hair styling product favorites for every hair type, recommended by the pros at Matrix: 

Hair Styling Products for Fine or Limp Hair

Best choice: Lightweight hair styling mousse is the magic sauce for skinny strands—it provides airy body without crunch or stiffness. Apply to damp hair and blow dry your foam in for lasting bounce.

Try this: Style Link Volume Builder Volume Mousse

Hair Styling Products for Thick Hair

Best choice: A rich styling cream, applied before you hit your locks with a blow dyer, will help constrict swollen strands and leave hair looking glossy and polished once it’s dry. It will also help defy humidity throughout the day.

Try this: Style Link Smooth Setter Styling Cream

Hair Styling Products for Dull Hair

Best choice: Shine is the Holy Grail—it makes all the difference between hair that looks tired and hair that looks alive. A shine-enhancing hair spray or mist with camellia seed oil will produce a glossy finish—and can also protect your hair from heat damage before you blow dry.

Try this: 

Heat Protecting Hair Styling Products

Best choice: For you, it’s all about hold and heat protection. Modern blow-out creams are activated by heat, and when they are, they provide flexible hold and a smooth finish.

Try these: Style Link’s Blowout Big Queen,Blowout Curvy Queen or Blowout Skinny Queen creams

Hair Styling Products for Wavy Hairstyles

Best choice: Coax natural waves into beachy waves perfection with a salt-infused spray. You’ll get non-sticky, lightweight grip for perfect, undone wave texture.

Try this: Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray

Hair Styling Products for Curly Hairstyles

Best choice: Curls need moisture for maximum luster. Look for a lightweight lotion that helps define coils and quenches curl thirst.

Try this: Total Results Curls Please Contouring Lotion

Hair Styling Products for Frizzy Unruly Hair

Best choice: Tame and refine coils while maintaining their full glory with a rich gel/cream formula that will keep them supple and will never become stiff or flaky!

Try this: 

Hair Styling Products for Damaged Hair

Best choice: When hair is damaged and compromised, a leave-in hair treatment that doubles as a hair smoother and heat protection cream is the way to go.

Try this: 

Hair Styling Products for Frizzy Hair

Best choice: Frizz is usually accompanied by dryness and exacerbated by humidity. So reach for a super-moisturizing oil/cream/gel combo that will hydrate as it locks down the hair surface to prevent humid air from penetrating and swelling strands.

Try this: Oil Wonders Shaping Oil Cream

Hair Styling Products for Dry Brittle Hair

Best choice: You need a gentle multi-tasker—one that will soften brittle hair as it adds shine. Look for an elixir with tiny fibers that will help shore up your compromised hair.

Try this: Total Results So Long Damage Break Fix

Hair Styling Products for Dry Hair

Best choice: A lightweight treatment oil is the best thing you can use before styling. Your parched strands will absorb the luxurious formula instantly, becoming softer and more supple, and emerging super shiny once they’re dry!

Try this:

Hair Styling Products for Easy Hairstyles

Best choice: You intend to dry and style your hair, but somehow, time never seems to cooperate. So you’re usually just a shampoo-and-go type of gal. Air-dry creams will let you go in style, thanks to a dual system that pairs hard-holding latex polymers for control, with soft-holding latex polymers for body and a soft, clean feeling. Together they provide just the right amount of hold and touchability to produce natural movement, control and malleable hair.

Try these: Matrix Style Link Air Dry Twisted BoHo, Chill BoHo and Wild BoHo creams.

Hair Styling Products for Split Ends

Best choice: If frayed ends are preventing your hair from appearing healthy, try a lightweight leave-in conditioning repair cream. Since you don’t rinse it out, it will help prevent split-ends and breakage. Bonus points if the formula reinforces the hair fiber and helps hold your style in place.

Try this

Hair Styling Products for Short Hairstyles

Best choice: Short strands are cool when they’re piece-y and messy with loads of texture. The right cut is a huge percentage of the style equation, but a good pliable molding paste that supplies hold and grip is essential for adding the finishing touch.

Try this: Matrix Style Link Shape Switcher Molding Paste

Hair Styling Products for Strong Hold

Best choice: Hair spray is a given for strands that stray, but it’s important to find a modern formula that’s super fine, dries quickly and won’t flake for a soft and natural-looking finished style.

Try this: Style Link Style Fixer Finishing Hair Spray