The Five Most Popular Prom Hairstyles Of 2016


Are you more punk or princess? Everyone has their own prom style, and you’re on a hunt to find the dress, shoes, flowers and guy that fits yours best. And then there’s your hair! Here are the five most popular prom hairstyles of 2016, selected by the style experts at Matrix. Find the one that fits your prom style!

For you, prom is all about the prep. Choosing your dress, your shoes, your nail polish, your lipstick. Spending hours shopping and planning with your friends. Spending more hours getting ready. Your prom hairstyle has to be as flirty and feminine as possible.

Your Prom Hairstyle:

Bundles of Curls.

This romantic updo prom hairstyle is a dream come true. The curled texture keeps it soft, as do the gentle, face-framing tendrils. The full texture and volume on top make it a special look for this special occasion.  

Styling & Product Tips: Proper preparation is everything when it comes to this hairstyle. Your stylist will curl your hair carefully with a curling iron or flat iron, using a heat protection product to keep your hair healthy. She’ll also hit the roots with a root lifter spray before doing some quick teasing. The other important “must” for this prom hairstyle is proper pinning. Those curl bundles must be securely fastened so they’ll stay intact until the last dance and beyond!


Whether it’s a party, a festival or your prom, three things matter, always—the music, hanging out with your friends and dancing. Peace out.

Your Prom Hairstyle:

Knotted Half Updo

This free-spirited prom hairstyle embodies what you’re about, enhances your flowy dress and moves when you do. It’s all about the cool wave shape—defined but not too fussy.

Styling & Product Tips: To get the look, your stylist will mist sections of hair with a texturizing spray, and then twirl them around a curling iron or styler, making sure the ends are just barely curled. Then she’ll tease the top a little, gather the sides, join them with a big, loopy knot and pin the knot in place.   


A little bit edgey, and completely cool, you’re the girl who might opt for a tux over a dress for your prom-semble.

Your Prom Hairstyle:

Fierce Texture

It’s important to you to be yourself no matter what—authenticity rules! When it comes to your hair, that means rocking your natural texture. This combination of cornrow braids and free-floating curls is the perfect prom hairstyle for you—real, with lots of individual style! It makes a statement.

Styling & Product Tips: Curly texture requires tons of TLC, so your stylist will recommend a great cleansing conditioner for gentle, pre-prom care. She’ll shape your coils with two-strand twists after treating them with a rich curl lotion to keep them supple, healthy and defined. Once they’re dry and undone, she’ll create a sharp center part and work the braids into the top.


If you boiled down your vibe to two words, they would be understated and elegant. You love looking glam, but not in an obvious way.

Your Prom Hairstyle:

Fishtail Bun

Braids of any kind rule the prom scene this season, and this graceful braided bun is the perfect blend of classic beauty and on-trend style.

Styling & Product Tips: The most important secret to creating a hairstyle like this is to use a volumizing powder to give your hair what professional stylists refer to as “grip.” That means it prevents your hair from being too slick or slippery, which helps your style stay in place. This look starts with a curling iron set if your hair isn’t already curly or wavy. Then the braids are created and formed into the big chignon in back. Small tendrils of hair are released and allowed to float freely in front for an uber-feminine, face-framing effect.


You feel most at home in a feminine dress fit for a princess, preferably in a pretty pastel hue. Your prom is part of your fairy tale fantasies—twinkling lights, beautiful gown, handsome prince!

Your Prom Hairstyle:

Marshmallow Curls

What could be more princess-worthy than a full head of lovely, soft, touchable, voluminous curls? They’re perfect with a center part and a few pale blonde highlights.

Styling & Product Tips: Perfect curls require all the right moves from the very beginning. That means spraying in a leave-in conditioner when your hair is still damp, then working in a light styling cream or lotion. As your hair dries, squeeze the ends to encourage your own natural curl formation. Once hair is dry, wind horizontal sections around a curling iron. Use a smaller iron on the bottom and a larger barrel on top sections. Clip each curl in place. Once all hair is cool, release the clips and comb through with a wide-tooth comb to create a floaty texture. Finish with an illuminating shine spray.