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The Top 6 Braid Hairstyle Trends of 2016
The Five Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles of 2016
The Looped Chignon

Bridal Style: Elegant, sleek and sophisticated. Pair this with an architectural wedding gown that’s relatively free of embellishment.

Hair Styling Tips:  To create this chic, looped look, your stylist will gather all of your hair in a low or mid-pony, then pull the end of the pony halfway through the elastic, leaving out two or three inches at the ends.  The end will then be wrapped around the elastic and pinned securely into place.   

Save the Day:  The key to this look is hair as slick as glass—not a single bit of fuzz allowed!  That means prepping your locks carefully with a smoothing shine serum before blow drying, then misting with a heat protection spray prior to flat ironing.  Once the ‘do is done, spritz with hairspray that repels humidity and promotes shine.

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Messy French Twist

Bridal Style: Sexy and modern with Parisian attitude.

Hair Styling Tips:  This wedding hairstyle looks amazing with lots of highlights, so be sure to get your color plan locked down far in advance of the big day.  To get the look, your stylist will divide your hair in half—top and bottom—and clip away the top.  The back will be backcombed like mad then formed into a French twist.  Once secure, the shape will be expanded with the pointy end of a tail comb. The top will also be backcombed, swept into another twist and secured to the head just above the prior section. Random strandsd will be encouraged to float freely to frame your face. 

Save the Day:  This style requires airy “grip” to achieve the look. A texturizing hairspray, while backcombing, will provide the right amount of hold and heft.

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Side Bun Updo

Bridal Style: Traditional and romantic. Side bun updos are perfect for brides for several reasons.  One, they bring some of the detail of the wedding hairstyle around to the front, where it can be seen. (Remember those photographs?)  Also they handily accommodate all sorts of lovely headpieces, ornaments and embellishments. 

Hair Styling Tips: To get this look, your hairstylist will twist a section along the bottom of your hairline, then sweep it into the rest of your hair and direct it to the side, where she’ll gather it into a low ponytail.  After backcombing the tail, a loose bun will be created, and then pulled apart gently to make it fuller.  Again, a few random pieces will be released for an airy, casual effect.

Save the Day: This look requires a texturizing hairspray  that provides soft, touchable hold.

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Top Knot

Bridal Style: Total glam! It’s all about making an entrance and bewitching every crowd.  This dramatic updo gets it done. 

Hair Styling Tips: The look requires lots of volume, so backcombing will be essential.  Once the hair is placed, your stylist will create the high bun, secure it with pins and loosen it with her fingers to expand the shape.  A braided band, a jeweled band or a small wreath of flowers can all be used to adorn the base of the bun.

Save the Day:  For this look, volume is everything, so prep and style with silicon free products designed to volumize and boost structure of fine hair to the max! 

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Boho Braid

Bridal Style: Free-spirited, feminine and somewhat unconventional, the Boho bride eschews formality for a more organic style. Soft and touchable, this gently waved, braided wedding hairstyle is a study in femininity.

Hair Styling Tips: Before braiding and gathering the hair, your stylist will mist strands with texturizing spray, then use a flat iron or curling iron to create loose waves. The braid will be expanded by gently pulling each side all along the length of the plait.   

Save the Day: Before drying, prep hair with a volumizing mousse. Once hair is dry, apply volumizing powder at the roots to give them a boost before curling the hair.

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