The Four “It Girl” Haircut Trends For Spring


If you’re in the mood to update your hairstyle this season, we have one word of advice: relax. Because for spring, haircuts are rumpled and easy.

Nothing’s structured, stiff or solid—instead the whole spring vibe is airy and young at heart. And here’s a secret: elevating these haircuts to “It Girl” status requires modern hair color and hair styling touches (hint: texturizing hairsprays are everything right now) that make all the difference between a look that’s ordinary and one that’s Instagram-able. Read on to learn how you can gain access to the haircut chill zone. 

It Cut #1: The Lob Haircut With Gentle Bends

Landing anywhere from the top of the neck to the bottom of the throat, this length is swishy and lightweight. The key to the haircut is keeping the ends texturized rather than blunt, which can be done with the tips of the scissors on fine or medium hair, or with a razor if have heavy or coarse hair. It’s mostly one-length, but a few long layers around the face will act as a frame for eyes and cheekbones.

Hair styling tips:

The coolest way to style this cut is to skip bouncy curls or plump waves. Opt instead for a compressed bend in the hair, which is easiest to accomplish with, of all things, your flat iron! Start with a texturizing hairsprays to give your hair heft and volume. Then, hold your flat iron upside down, place it in a one-inch vertical section of hair, a few inches down from the scalp. Without pressing the iron closed, slide it along the hair section briefly and twist the hair one turn around the iron. Then close the iron and slide it along the length of the hair.  Move the iron quickly through the ends to keep them straighter. Release the hair in your hand and push it up to encourage the wave shape before allowing it to fall. Work around your whole head until all the bends are in place.

Hair color tips:

Color melting is the perfect way to showcase the shape and movement of these looks. Start with a darker shade on top that gradually and seamlessly melts into one or two lighter shades as the hair color progresses to the ends. You can opt for a natural blonde hair or brunette hair palette, or reach for the pastel rainbow —green, lilac, pink or blue, whatever you’re feeling!

It Cut #2: The Shag Haircut


Whether your hair is naturally wavy or curly, or if it’s fairly straight, the haircut is the same.  It’s a combination of lots of layers with blunt ends. And it needs bangs—preferable a fringe that’s heavy and falls below the brows.

Hair styling tips:

To achieve “It” style status, this haircut should be worn messy, textured and imperfect.  If your hair has natural texture, apply a curl lotion to damp hair, then use your fingers to form ringlets.  Once it’s dry, gently finger-pick through to blend the curls.  If your hair is straight, apply a curl-enhancing blow out cream to damp hair and scrunch dry.  Once the hair is dry, wind sections around a ½-inch iron, twisting each strand as you twirl it around the barrel and omitting the last one-to-two inches.  Once the hair is set and cool, flip the head over, mist with dry shampoo and tousle.

Hair color tips:

Big chunky highlights are the way to go on this haircut. If the hair color application isn’t generous, the highlights will disappear in the texture. You’ll definitely want lots of highlights around your face!

It Cut #3: Beachy Waves with Blunt Bangs Haircut


Think rock and roll meets St. Tropez. A strong, long fringe provides an edgy counterpoint to a tumble of soft, casual waves. The bangs are cut fairly square and land just below the brows for maximum impact. To support the movement of the waves, “invisible layers” are cut into the interior. It’s exactly the update you’re looking for if you have no intention of parting with your long hair but you’re ready for something new!

Hair styling tips: 

Dry the bangs with a blow dryer and flat styling brush. Brush all the hair to one side, following the brush with the nozzle of the dryer, then switch to the opposite direction. Keep brushing from side to side until the bangs are dry.

To create the waves, divide your hair into vertical section. Mist each section with a heat protectant spray. Lift the first section, place the barrel of a large curling iron behind the section and wrap the hair around the iron, away from your face. The looser the curl, the larger the iron should be. Close the iron, allow the hair to heat up and release. Then place the iron in the same section, where you just left off, and wrap the hair in the opposite direction. Hold and release. Continue working down the section, and then each section thereafter in this manner, alternating direction along the strand. Don’t curl the ends. After the hair has cooled, rake with your fingers to separate the waves.

Hair color tips:

To play up the beachy vibe of these lengths, go for heavy balayage highlights   to lighten the center and ends of the hair.  And remember that long, color-treated hair needs lots of gentle TLC, especially on fragile ends. Cleanse and condition with a sulfate-free shampoo and a nourishing conditioner.  Apply the latter generously, concentrating most of it on the midlengths and ends where hair is usually more damaged.


It Cut #4: Take-Me-As-I-Am Curls Haircut

Never before have authenticity and individuality been so joyfully celebrated, and nothing is as unique as natural curly hair. No two heads of curls are alike! If you’re natural, wear your curls or coils proudly this season! To make the most of your texture, be sure your hair stylist cuts your hair when it’s dry. Otherwise, you could end up going too short because your hair shrinks up as it goes from wet to dry.  Curls should be snipped methodically and carefully, on an angle and in little bundles to preserve maximum volume and to free up spaces between the curls that allow them to expand. Lots of shorter pieces around the face will produce a beautiful curl halo!

Hair styling tips:

Encourage curl uniformity with a flexi-rod set. Cleanse the hair and apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. Divide hair into small sections. Wrap each section onto a flexi-rod, bending it in a V-shape at the top to hold the hair in place. Dry overnight or under a dryer. Gently remove the rods without disturbing the curls. Carefully separate the curls with your fingers. Work a  hair treatment oil into your hands, then spread the product gently over the hair to control frizz.

Hair color tips:

The best hair color is applied to curls artistically—carefully brushing the formula along the crest of selected curls in the areas where they would be naturally lightened by the sun.