The Top 4 Summer Hairstyle Trends For Long Hair


From long, sleek hair waves to braids and messy buns, this summer’s hairstyles for long hair are simple, soft and downright pretty. Under the expert direction of Matrix Artistic Directors Michael Albor and Daniel Roldan, here’s a look at the four key hairstyle trends, along with the how-tos and hair styling products you’ll need to get the job done!


Why it’s trending: It’s a step up from beach waves, and strikes just the right casual-yet-polished balance for summer occasions.

You’ll need these products:

Then do this:

    1. Combine the styling cream and the hair mousse and carefully work the mixture through damp, towel-dried hair. Go section by section for even distribution.

    2. Use a round or flat styling brush, and blow dry the hair without creating lift at the scalp. Simply smooth the hair to eliminate hair frizz.

    3. Starting at the right hairline, divide the hair into wide, vertical subsections.

    4. Using a 1 ¼-inch barrel curling iron, twist the subsection once, wrap it around the barrel one full rotation, then twist and wrap again. Repeat this twist wrap technique to the end of the section, directing the hair away from the face. The twist wrap creates the illusion of roller-set hair waves.

    5. Once each section is curled, release it from the curling iron and comb through immediately to soften the curl.

    6. Continue working toward the center back in this manner and then repeat on the other side.

    7. Brush through the hair with a cushioned styling brush, and mist with hairspray to set the hair waves.



Why it’s trending: Summer isn’t the time to get fussy with your hairstyle, and these easy hair waves provide just enough hair texture and movement without looking too “done.”

You’ll need these products:

Then do this:

    1. Mist hair with heat protection spray. Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from the hair.

    2. Starting at the nape, begin curling horizontal subsections with curling irons. Alternate the curling iron sizes from ½-inch up to 1 ¼-inch in order to create a natural-looking hair texture.

    3. After curling each section, remove it intact from the curling iron and pin it like a pincurl to the head.

    4. Work up the back, setting and pinning the hair in a brick-lay pattern.

    5. As you reach the parietal ridge of the head, switch to vertical sections and work off of your natural part.

Note: If your hair is straight, insert the curling iron in the center of the section and use a twist-wrap hair technique (see the twist wrap technique in the Sleek Waves how-to) to curl the ends of the hair away from the face. Pin the curls off of the scalp to minimize hair volume.

  • 1.Once hair is completely cool, remove the pins and spray with the texturizing spray for a tousled, textured hair look.



Why it’s trending: Braids are the perfect solution for beating summer heat and hair frizz, plus they’re versatile. Dress them up or down for any occasion!

You’ll need this product:

    1. Hair paste

Then do this:

    1. Create an ear-to-ear parting across the top of the head and clip away the back.

    2. Apply the hair cream/wax/paste to the front section and begin creating a French braid. Start at the left ear and continue across the top of the head to the right ear. Continue applying the hair wax as needed to control the hair.

    3. When the braid reaches the right ear, release the back section.

    4. Continue braiding hair, now directing the braid down the head at a 45-degree angle. At this point, feed in hair only from the top to allow the hair braid to travel.

    5. Once the braid reaches the area behind the left ear, and all of the top hair has been incorporated, reverse the braid direction to create a zig-zag braid.

    6. Continue until all of the remaining hair has been included in the braid.

    7. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

    8. Gently loosen all of the braided hair by pulling out the sides.



Why it’s trending: Messy buns send out an “I woke up like this” message—casual, chic and unstudied. Perfect for hot weather occasions!

You’ll need this product:

Then do this:

    1. Smooth hair with a cushioned styling hair brush.

    2. Apply volumizing hairspray to dry hair, holding the can 12 to 14 inches away.

    3. Tip the head back and use a cushioned styling brush to bather the hair into a high ponytail. Secure the tail with a bungee or hair elastic.

    4. Create a three-strand braid on the ponytail, leaving 4 to 5 inches of the ends unbraided.

    5. Divide the ends into two equal subsections, and direct them under and around the base of the ponytail to form the bun. Pin into place.

    6. Style the bangs and mist with more volumizing hairspray.


NOTE: Short on time? A messy bun can also be a heatless hairstyle. Create a perfect foundation with ano-blow-dry styling cream. Then simply twist your hair into a bun, air dry and go!