Top Fall Balayage Hair Color Trends


Ready to give hair color you’ve been sporting all summer? Here is a look at the top Fall trends, courtesy of the hair color experts at Matrix!

Nowadays, whether or not you actually request balayage hair color in the salon, chances are you’re going to get it. That’s because balayage is one of the most modern, natural-looking, gorgeous hair color techniques around and more and more hair stylists are adding the service to their repertoires. If you have any doubts about the popularity of balayage, take a close look at any celebrity “It girl”—Hadids, Kardashians, Jenners, Swift, etc. On all of those constantly-scrutinized heads of hair, you’ll see evidence of carefully crafted balayage highlights. So if you ask your stylist for sunkissed, dimensional hair color, chances are he or she will incorporate balayage into your color service.

Pearl Balayage Hair Color

Oysters do it right. This cool, pearlescent balayage hair color is as cool and refreshing as a dip in the ocean. Like most balayage hair color designs, a deeper root hair color—here in a dark, sandy brown tone—melts into lighter, pearly ends. The hair highlights are done in two shades of the same pearl hair color—one lighter and one darker—to reflect loads of light.


Credit: @dari_gofman

Quartz Pink Balayage Hair Color

Pink hair highlights have been showing up in blonde hair for many seasons, but these rosy accents in a teddy bear brown hair color base look super fresh for fall.  Large balayage hair color sections are combined with finer hair highlights throughout—another fall balayage hair color trend! If pink isn’t your thing, consider requesting mint or robin egg blue balayage hair highlights in your brown hair!


Credit: @EBrown1138

Peach Balayage Hair Color

If your skin tone skews more to the warm side, peach hair color will flatter your complexion more than pastel pink. Here, the peach accent hair color is applied heavily to the hair’s entire surface, allowing the natural light brown hair color to peek through. To prolong the life of any fashion hair color, try to limit the amount of shampooing you do—switch off between your regular shampoo and a cleansing conditioner or dry shampoo from time to time.


Credit: @milabelovahair

Blush Balayage Hair Color

A dusty, blush-toned balayage hair color is a sophisticated spin on traditional pink hair color shades. The creamy hair color tones can be applied lightly, or in more of an all-over pattern to truly alter the character of light brown hair.  To keep any cool-toned hair highlights free of unwanted warmth, use a purple shampoo once or twice a week.


Credit: @GeorgePapanikolas

Light-Kissed Balayage Hair Color

Dazzling, dappled blonde balayage hair highlights that look like the hair has been kissed by the sun will never go out of style. The lighter ends reflect the natural look of hair color that becomes faded over time, while the deep chocolate brown roots offer depth and dimension for the overall hair look. Sun-kissed balayage hair color should strike the perfect balance—golden yet not too brassy. A few lighter pieces throughout ensure sunny perfection.


Credit: @haircircusfreaks

Platinum Balayage Hair Color

So light and cool it’s nearly silver, platinum balayage hair color reflects the subtle blue and pearl hair color tones of the precious metal. Warning—this hair color shade requires some real hair color skills in order to first lighten the hair correctly, and then apply the hair highlights carefully and proportionately. Protect your investment with a violet-toned shampoo that will maintain the cool perfection of this sophisticated hair color.


Credit: @cilloevette

Rose Gold Ombré Hair Color

When ombré first hit the scene, it was a hippie-ish, dip-dye look that was anything but seamless—a distant relation to balayage. But today’s ombré hair color designs are bona fide members of the balayage family, thanks to exquisite blending and thoughtful placement. Add to that the fact that rose gold hair color is still going strong as an in-demand “it” color, and you have one of the trendiest hair color looks of the season!


Credit: @Cristen_Smith

Honey and Mocha Balayage Hair Color

This is the perfect balayage hair color blend on dark brown hair. Two intermediate hair color tones of lighter, cool browns, concentrated on the lengths and ends, put a sophisticated spin on brunette hair color. Brown balayage hair color is tailor made for waved hair—the movement brings out the nuances of the balayage hair highlights. Be sure to protect hair with a heat protection formula before curling—you’ll prevent your hair color from fading too soon.


Credit: @samanthalawatmeraki

Rosy Pink Balayage Hair Color

Balayage hair color can be placed anywhere on the hair, and in some cases, just a little provides high-impact punctuation for a dramatic hair color. A blue/silver overall hair color shade is embellished with rosy pink ends, applied carefully to blend upward into the base color. The sky’s the limit when it comes to color options for a balayage hair color design like this—you can switch out the pink for peach, rose gold, violet, icy blue or even moss green.


Credit: @kristian_de_pascali

Auburn Balayage Hair Color

Balayage + red hair = sheer perfection. Dimensional hair highlights on an auburn hair color base produce the richness and movement that red hair color requires, and with balayage hair color, your hair stylist can control the placement for maximum impact. Another tip—a few hair highlights in peach or rose pink will melt into red hair and create even more interest, in an extremely subtle way. Care for any red hair color with a shampoo and conditioning regimen designed expressly for color-treated hair to prevent premature hair color fading and to keep hair shiny and soft.