What You Need to Know Before Going Blonde


I’m a hairdresser who’s lived on both sides of good and bad hair color. The worst hair color mishap, by far, was on my own hair during college when I took it upon myself to touch up my highlights. The outcome was spotty, orange roots that bled into yellow ends. Here are some tips and products for lightening your hair color that will prevent you from going through the same blonde mishap that I did.

Preparation For Going Blonde Is Key

Different techniques and products are required to achieve different looks. The same product that gives you the on-trend balayage hair color is not the best candidate for a classic bombshell blonde. For both stylists and clients, having an arsenal of lighteners can be pricey and complicated but things just got a whole lot easier with Matrix’s new Oil Additive and kaolin clay based  Freehand additive. These additivities work with Light Master Lightening Powder to offer complete client customization with one uncomplicated system.


Understand How Hair Lightener Works

Hair lightening results from gradual elimination of melanin pigments. This happens when alkaline agents (lighteners) cause the outer layer of the hair, known as the cuticle, to expand. When the cuticle is expanded, the oxidative agents penetrate the hair’s cortex, or the inner layer of the hair, and dissolve the natural pigments. There are various stages of natural, underlying pigment that the agents must dissolve to achieve your desired results depending on your hair’s natural level.


Avoid Damaging Your Hair When Going Blonde  

Between lightening services, heat styling and external factors like UV rays, the cuticle layer of the hair slowly disappears, exposing the cortex and leaving split ends and hair breakage. The solution to this problem is easy. Find a Matrix Salon near you that carries Light Master Lightening Powder, a lightener known for its panthenol ingredient, a pro-vitamin of B5 that helps to protect and condition the hair during lightening process.  Pair your hair lightener with a bond protecting system, such as BOND Ulitm8 that will prevent and protect the bonds that form the cuticle.  This combination will lend to that perfect highlight look you’re dying to rock this summer.


What Hair Lighteners To Use For Balayage Or Ombre Hair Color 

When going for a  Balayage hair color, you hair could dry out, resulting in blotchy, uneven color. The freehand technique with traditional lightener could result in over-saturation and harsh lines. The solution is a clay-based additive, which is designed to thicken Light Master for stay-put texture— no harsh lines or over-saturation. The formula encapsulates hair to keep it moist, allowing hair to lift to desired level all while keeping it conditioned.


Hair Lighteners For Double Process Platinum Hair Color

To achieve the bold look of double process platinum hair, also known as all-over blonde hair color, the hair must be pre-lightened and toned to counteract unwanted warmth. This process can often cause scalp irritation, redness, uneven lift and hair breakage. Adding the Oil additive to Light Master will create a fluid texture ideal for on-scalp application. The oil is moisture enriched to shield delicate skin from irritation and enhance scalp comfort. Because oil provides optimal saturation, it’s also ideal for Color Melting and Dip Dye techniques as well as hair that is compromised or damaged.

So there you have it. Now that you have all the info on hair lightening, make a hair appointment and get your summer blonde on with the with Light Master and BOND Ulitm8!