Root Rebel

3 DR Volume Booster
2 PT Super Fixer
1 PT Over Achiever
2 DR Hold Booster
Volume Fixer

Step 1:

Apply 3 drops of Volume Booster to damp hair. Blow-Dry everything going back with a Denman brush. This allows volume to the front but allows the back to be a little flat.

Step 2:

Separate out the fringe area. Apply 2 parts Super Fixer to hands and emulsify. Rake the product through the hair. Apply more product to the front then the back.

Step 3:

Comb the hair with the wide teeth of the comb to make tracks and separation in the hair.

Step 4:

Mix 1 part Over Achiever and 2 drops of Hold Booster and apply to the front. Push the hair into place.

Step 5:

Hold in place with Volume Fixer.

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