Apply Big Queen from roots to the ends of the hair. Comb through to evenly distribute.


Using a round brush, elevate the fringe to a 90 degree angle and smooth with the blow-dryer.


  1. Rough dry the remaining hair concentrating at the roots until about 80% dry.
  2. Hack: Direct the hair in the opposite direction of the growth pattern to achieve the maximum volume.


Section hair into three horizontal sub-sections. Starting at the front, use a round brush to over-direct small sub-sections away from the face. Wrap each sub-section around your finger tips and wind to the root area. Secure each with a pin at the base, and let cool. Continue working through the sections until complete.


Once the hair is completely cooled, remove the pins from each sub-section and release the hair. Gently brush the hair to smooth to the desired result. Spray with Style Link Volume Fixer.

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