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7 Good Reasons To Get A Pixie Haircut And 4 New Pixie Haircuts To Try

7 Reasons to Get a Pixie Haircut

  1. Hair styling Freedom. Pixie haircuts take almost no time at all to style. You can work a no-blow-dry cream into damp hair, tousle and go. You can rake a firm hold gel or hair paste through your hair for a bold, graphic finish, instantly. And if you do opt for a soft, fluffy pixie hair style, you can achieve it with your blow dryer in just a few minutes. Think of all the time you’ll save every day!
  2. Self-Expression. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about a short haircut. You’ll rarely walk into a room and see 10 other women with pixie cuts. What’s more, there are many options for customizing your pixie cut—such as the length of your bangs, embellishing your hair with bold or metallic or pastel hair color, creating an asymmetric hair shape, etc. A pixie cut allows you to make a bold statement with your hairstyle—or not! It’s all up to you.
  3. Your Hair is Extremely Damaged. There are many effective and healing conditioning treatments and masks, but sometimes the damage is too extreme to reverse. A pixie haircut is a fashionable way to start fresh, with healthy hair. And you’re in control! Rather than waiting for your hair to break off or fall out, be proactive! Cut off the damaged lengths and craft a flattering hair shape and silhouette.
  4. You’re Growing Out a Relaxer. Embracing your natural texture after years of relaxing is a process. Many women find the process easier to navigate if they cut off as much of the relaxed hair as possible. With the “big chop,” you remove a great deal of damaged hair, and the new growth is easier to manage during the rest of the transition.
  5. You Color or Lighten Your Hair All the Time. If platinum blonde--or pre-lightening your hair to achieve the perfect pale pink or rose gold hair color shade—is a way of life for you, you’re putting a great deal of stress on your hair. Frequent lightening can cause the integrity of your hair to deteriorate, and it’s always worse on the older hair at the ends. A pixie cut solves the problem—the frequent trims required for upkeep will also get rid of those damaged ends.
  6. You Have Supreme Confidence in Your Hairdresser. A great deal of craftsmanship goes into a beautiful pixie cut. Your hairstylist will understand how to balance the pixie cut for your body type and face shape and how to cut it for your hair type. If you color your hair, your stylist will create an artful hair color design that harmonizes with the shape of your cut. He or she will also show you several options for styling your short haircut.
  7. You Understand the Right Pixie Haircut Shape for Your Face Shape. Because a pixie haircut frames your face, it’s critical to cut the best shape for your features. If your face is round, for example, your hairstylist should add some volume at the top and a few wispy pieces at the fullest point of your face to reduce the roundness. If your face is square, a few fine pieces around your jaw will soften the angles there. Oblong face shapes look best with a flatter crown and long bangs that reduce the length of the face. Oval face shapes look good with any pixie cut design!

Which Pixie Haircut Is Right for You? Here Are 4 Pixie Cut Ideas to Consider!

Slayed With Gray Pixie Haircut


Credit: @pati.rodrigz

Gunmetal metallic gray hair color puts an edgy spin on a feminine, short haircut. Large, loose waves add loads of soft texture, and short, choppy bangs provide a perfect frame for eyes and face.

Undercut Pixie Haircut


Credit: @hairgod_zito
Hair Color: Matrix SOCOLOR Cult

Take your pixie cut to extremes! The cropped undercut strikes a strong counterpoint to the elongated top sections. The icy lavender lengths are styled to perfection with lots of definition and separation, thanks to a matte texture clay styling formula.

Neo-Grunge Pixie Haircut


Platinum blonde hair color with a sooty shadow root give this pixie haircut streetwise style. The choppy edges keep the silhouette soft, and lots of interior texture offers a wide range of styling options. Regular use of a purple shampoo will keep platinum blonde hair color cool and bright without a trace of unwanted yellow.

Eye-Peeping Pixie


Chin-length bangs and longer top sections provide unlimited versatility for a pixie haircut. The longer sections can be directed forward, to one side or all the way back, and each option provides a brand-new look. Smoky, matte silver hair color places this pixie haircut squarely on trend.

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