10 Easy Hair Styles Tricks For Fine Hair

10 Easy Hair Style

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Thick hair is the ideal, but the reality is that more people have fine hair than thick hair. And that’s not such a bad thing. Fine hair offers quick and easy hairstyles, haircare s , and there are more options for haircuts and hairstyles for fine hair. Of course, anyone with fine hair would like to make the most of what they have, and there are lots of ways to do just that. Here, Matrix fine hair experts tell all, sharing their 10 favorite hair style tricks and tips for fine hair.

1. Blow Dry Hair Against the Grain

When you’re drying your hair with a round hairbrush and a blow dryer, start by applying a volumizing hair mousse at the roots. Then divide your hair into sections. Start at the nape and wrap each section around the hairbrush in the opposite direction that you ultimately want it to fall. For example, the hair on the bottom will fall downward, so lift hair upward and lift the roots with the blow dryer. Then dry the rest of the section. When you release the hair section it will fall up and away from your head. Continue on the sides and top, and your hair will look thick and full.

2. Brush your hair before you shampoo.

Fine hair is susceptible to tangling, and tangling can lead to hair breakage, which is the last thing you want if your hair strands are already thinning! Keep snarls at bay with a pre shampoo detangling. Then shampoo and condition your hair with hair products formulated specifically for your hair type. (There are new hair conditioning formulas that give fine-haired gals the softening and detangling benefits they love without any of the hair weigh-down they hate—even when applied to the scalp!) In the shower, use a wide tooth hair comb to detangle once more. When you’re finished, blot hair gently with a towel, rather than rubbing vigorously. Mist with a lightweight hairspray if necessary.

3 - Keep the roots of your hair clean and the ends not so much

Fine, silky hair will look thicker if it’s beefed up with texturizing hairspray. The more you add, the fuller and with more volume your hair looks. But fine hair also tends to get oily quicker than other hair types. So, if you shampoo frequently, you’ll cleanse your scalp but also remove the extra heft you’ve created the ends of your. That’s why many fine-haired girls extend the time between shampoos by a day or so (and prolong the life of their full styles) by applying dry shampoo to the roots of their hair.

3 - Keep the roots of your hair clean and the ends not so much

Split, dry ends make fine hair look even skinnier. So, it’s important to book regular haircuts to make sure the ends of your hair stay crisp and healthy. Life gets busy and before you know it, you may discover you have let too many weeks go by before your last haircut. So, hair stylists recommend booking your salon haircut appointments in advance to keep to a regular schedule. Doing this will ensure you get the appointment time and day that you want before your hair stylist gets booked up!

5. Make hair waves

Straight, fine hair tends to be slippery, so if you want to create a wavy hair texture, you’ll need to rough up your hair strands. A salt-infused beach hairspray is a great solution—mist it on before drying your hair, then use a flat iron on dry hair to create hair waves in vertical sections. Lucky you—since your hair is fine, you can wave your entire head with just a few large panels.

6. Rough hair drying is your friend

The more you manipulate your hair the more likely it is to fall flat. So rather than beginning your blow dry when your hair is soaking wet, rough dry hair with the blow dryer and your hands. A lot. Experts say hair should be about 90 percent dry before you start putting in the final shape with a round hair brush.

7. Hide a big forehead with hair bangs.

Fine hair tends to be finest at the front hairline, which can cause your forehead to appear large. Cutting some bangs to your hair helps. To keep your bangs full and fluffy, refresh them with a few spritzes of dry shampoo. 

8. Use heat with care on your hair

You don’t need a super-hot hair dryer or hair iron to get the job done on your hair, so purchase hair thermal tools with adjustable temperature controls that allow you to dial down the temperature. Another favorite styling hair hack for fine hair is to skip hot tools altogether. Instead, apply a setting hair lotion to damp hair and wind it around with Velcro hair rollers or old-fashioned sponge hair rollers. If you take relatively small sections, your hair will dry by the time you apply your makeup, have your coffee and assemble the kids’ lunches.

9. Lose some hair length

You don’t have to go pixie-short (although a pixie cut is a great, volume-enhancing hairstyle for fine hair.) But even pruning a few inches of longer hair will reduce weight and help your hair gain volume. Long bobs are the season’s hottest haircut, and for fine hair, a long bob is ultra-flattering and chic!

10 - Embrace you fine hair!

Sometimes the best strategy is to amplify what you were born with. So, after using your volumizing hair shampoo, conditioner and hair styling product, dry your hair and then smooth it with a flat iron to create a dramatic, head-hugging shape. Sometimes it makes sense not to fight what nature sent your way.