23 Best Brunette Hair Color Shades

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Let’s talk about the wide variety of hair colors for brown hair. The word brown doesn’t begin to do justice to the beautiful spectrum that is brunette hair color shades. From honey to cocoa to chestnut to mahogany, the hair color options for brunettes are unlimited and truly gorgeous. Ready to get your best brown hair color yet but looking for a little bit of inspo? Here are 23 of the best brunette hair color shades around, handpicked and customized for every skin tone by the pros at Matrix. Welcome to the world of Matrix hair color shades.

Cappuccino Brown Hair Color

When choosing the best brown hair color for you, you might be tempted by cappuccino. Cappuccino brown hair color is a lot like the popular beverage—the golden shade of rich coffee brown mixed with pale milk or cream. Cappuccino brown is flattering for a wide variety of skin tones, and looks great with warm brown or green eyes.

Chestnut Hair Color

One of many popular brown hair color shades, chestnut hair color is a rich, deep, reddish brown. It compliments most complexions, except for very yellow skin tones, and it’s a stunning hair color choice for those with brown or green eyes.

Caramel Brown Hair Color

Caramel hair color is a light, golden shade. When it’s used as a highlight shade with dark brown hair color, it produces a delicious swirl of dimensional, caramel brown hair color. Actress Eva Mendes is known for this hair color, which is considered a popular, possibly even the best brunette hair dye. This shade is flattering to her olive skin tone and dark brown eyes. It’s ideal for people with natural dark or medium brown hair.

Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

Dark ash brown hair color is a cool, deep tone without any traces of red or gold. It’s beautiful on most skin tones, and it’s very dramatic for people with brown or blue eyes. A deep shade like dark ash brown is at its best when it’s healthy and shiny. Try styling this shade with a treatment oil for a glossy result.


Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

Chocolate cherry brown hair color is a luscious deep brown with hints of cool red. It’s a dramatic and exotic shade. Try a chocoloate cherry brown Matrix hai rcolor if you have a medium, cool or neutral complexion and cool brown, green or blue eyes, and if your natural shade is medium or dark cool brunette.

Cola Hair Color

Just like the hue of your favorite beverage, cola hair color is dark and rich with a hint of golden red. Choose this shade if your complexion is fair, medium or olive, and if your eyes are warm brown, green or blue. It’s easy to add some warmth to your natural dark brown hair color to achieve this shade.

Golden Bronze Hair Color

Light golden bronze hair color is luxurious and rich. It’s a warm, subtle blend of golden and red tones that looks beautiful on warm skin. Avoid this color if your complexion is ruddy or cool—it will look too orange.

Sandy Brown Hair Color

Is sandy brown hair your best brunette hair color? This shade is a light, cool or neutral beige shade. It’s a beautiful shade for people with light, cool complexions and light blue or green eyes. Sandy brown hair color looks great with beige-blonde highlights—the combination is sophisticated and elegant.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color

As delicious as it sounds, dark chocolate hair color is a rich, deep, cool brown hue. It’s the signature shade of actress Eva Longoria, whose olive complexion and brown eyes are enhanced by the hue. This shade evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication when hair is at its healthiest.

Light Ash Brown Hair Color

Light ash brown hair color is cool and sophisticated, especially if your complexion is fair and your eyes are light blue or brown. This is the shade you want if you don’t want to see any red or gold in your hair color. Add a few cool blonde highlights for an elegant result. Opt for this shade if your natural color is light or medium cool brown.

Golden Brown Hair Color

Golden brown hair color is a warm shade that’s looks best on people with peachy or golden skin and warm brown or warm green or hazel eyes. Emma Watson is a good example. Follow her lead by adding some dark golden blonde highlights to your golden brown hair color for a chic color combination.

Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey brown hair color, with its warm, tawny hue, is the perfect balance between light brown hair color and dark blonde hair color. Consider this shade if you have a fair complexion and light eyes. It’s also beautiful on a deeper, golden complexion—think Jennifer Lopez!

Light Caramel Hair Color

Light caramel brown hair color is a warm, tawny shade. It’s ideal for people with golden, warm complexions and warm brown eyes. Avoid this shade if your complexion is cool or extremely fair or pink—it will clash with your skin! This shade is also a great choice for balayage or ombré highlights in a darker chocolate brown base color.

Cocoa Hair Color

Light cocoa hair color is a pale, cool, pearly brown shade that works well with fair skin and with light blue or green eyes. It’s a balanced shade—not too ashy nor too warm. Light cocoa hair color comes alive when you add creamy blonde balayage highlights! It’s a great choice if your natural color is light or medium cool brown.

Light Brown Copper Hair Color

Brown hair is energized with golden red color to produce a pretty, light brown copper hair color. This shade is sensational on people with fair, warm skin tones and green eyes. It’s important to use care with warm hair colors like this to prevent them from fading or losing vibrancy. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

Milk Chocolate Hair Color

Milk chocolate hair color is a rich, medium brown shade. It’s beautiful on light and medium warm and cool complexions and really enlivens green or brown eyes. This shade looks “delicious” enhanced with sandy brown or sandy blonde highlights.

Red Brown Hair Color

Red brown hair color is a luscious shade that evokes the tone of autumn leaves. It’s beautiful for people with pink or peachy complexions and brown or green eyes. Add depth and dimension to red brown hair color with a few golden blonde highlights.

Plum Brown Hair Color

Plum brown hair color is a dark, dramatic shade with a deep violet cast. It’s a striking choice for those with cool, fair or medium complexions and cool brown or blue eyes. Many people interested in plum brown hair color opt for a few deep plum balayage or ombré highlights within their brunette hair, in lieu of an overall plum brown for a subtler effect.

Mahogany Brown Hair Color

Mahogany brown hair color is a deep reddish brown shade. Emmy Rossum wears this shade well with her neutral, beige complexion and warm brown eyes. If you have a similar skin tone, consider warming up your natural dark brunette with mahogany brown hair color.

Brunette Hair Care Tip: To neutralize any brassy orange tones that may appear on your lightened brown hair, be sure to use blue pigmented shampoo between salon visits.

Sun Kissed Brown Hair Color

With sun-kissed brown hair color, people will ask if you’ve been on vacation because it will look like the sun lightened your hair after a week on the beach. Sun-kissed brown hair color is highlighted in the areas where the sun would naturally do the job, and the result is realistic. Sun-kissed highlights can be placed in any shade of brown hair—and they can be warm or cool to suit your complexion. Sofia Vergara’s sun-kissed brown hair color is a beautiful example of this hue.

Dark Brown Copper Hair Color

Dark brown copper hair color is a rich, warm, burnished brunette shade. Wear this color with confidence if your skin is fair or medium and pink, peach or neutral. It makes brown, blue and green eyes come alive, and it’s perfect for people with natural warm or neutral brown hair.

Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Cinnamon brown hair color is a rich brown color with a touch of coppery spice. It’s beautiful on a range of skin tones including fair peach and pink and medium and dark golden complexions. Green, brown and hazel eyes come alive with this shade of hair color.

Dark Brown Auburn Hair Color

Dark brown auburn hair color is rich and deep with a hint of russet warmth. This shade is pretty on people with fair and medium cool and neutral complexions and cool brown or green eyes. It’s also complimentary for people with olive complexions. It’s a perfect choice if you have natural dark brown hair.


Now that you’re well versed in brunette hair dye, do you love any of these brunette hair color shades?  Find a salon near you to get the look!