8 Hairstyles to Wear to Every Wedding This Season


When every weekend on your calendar feels like it’s blocked out with rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, receptions, day-after brunches and bachelorette parties you know it can only be one thing: wedding season. Dress selection, gift choices, convincing your date to wear a tie, remembering all the cousins’ names—there’s so much to keep track of. So, figuring out how to wear your hair should be low stress. Here’s a guide, hand-picked by the pros at Matrix, to eight wedding-worthy hair styles for every wedding-related occasion.

The event: “She’s Still Single” Girls’ Night Out

Style idea: Side Twist Updo

Do this:

    1. Sweep your hair to one side and gather it into a low ponytail behind your ear. Secure with an elastic.

    2. Create an inside-out ponytail by placing your fingers through the hair above the elastic and drawing the tail through the opening.

    3. Backcomb the entire ponytail with a small comb.

    4. Use the comb to smooth the surface so the backcombing is hidden.

    5. Roll the ponytail up, creating a vertical chignon.

    6. Secure by inserting bobby pins horizontally around the outside edges of the chignon.

    7. Mist with flexible hairspray


The event: Destination Wedding Cocktail Party

Style idea: Goddess Braid Wrap Updo

Do this:

    1. Mist hair with a texturizing spray.

    2. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic, omitting the sides sections in front of each ear.

    3. Roll the ponytail under and pin it in place at the nape of the neck.

    4. Release the side sections and braid each one.

    5. Wrap the braids around to the chignon in back and tuck the ends into the elastic.

The event: Prenuptial Picnic

Style idea:Double Braided Half Up Half Down Waves


Do this

    1. Mist the hair with dry shampoo.

    2. Use a 1-inch curling iron to create loose, vertical waves.

    3. On one side, in front, begin creating an inverted French braid, leaving some hair free along the part line.

    4. Continue braiding towards the back of the head, working about an inch above the ear.

    5. Stop braiding when you reach the ear on the opposite side. Gently loosen the braid to expand the size, then secure it to the head with bobby pins.

    6. Repeat on the opposite side. Before pinning the second braid, loop it through the original one.       


The event: Day-After Family Brunch

Style idea: Half Up Half Down Loose Waves

Do this:

    1. Mist hair with a heat protectant spray.

    2. Create loose waves with a flat iron by winding the hair around the iron once, then slowly pulling the iron down along the length of the strand to the end.

    3. Once all the strands are curled, create a side part.

    4. Lift the top section (above the ears), divide into smaller sections and backcomb at the roots.

    5. Gather the top, twist it loosely in the back and secure with bobby pins in the center back.

    6. Pull out a few wisps of hair at the temples.


The event: You’re the Maid of Honor!

Style idea: Looped S-Waves Braided Half Up Half Down

Do this:

    1. Mist hair with hair spray.

    2. Divide hair into 1-inch sections.

    3. Starting at the bottom, wrap each section around a 1 ¼-inch curling iron. Remove the iron with the curl intact and clip each curl to your head.

    4. Set all the hair with the iron. Wait until the hair is completely cool to remove the clips.

    5. Comb through the curls with a large comb.

    6. Create a section at the temple on each side.

    7. Create a Dutch braid with each side section until they meet in the back.

    8. Secure the braids together at the ends.

    9. Gently loosen the braids to widen them.

    10. Pull a few curls through the loops of the braid in back.

    11. Mist with flexible hold hairspray.


The event: Wedding After-Party

Hair style idea: Fierce Fishtail Braid

Do this:

    1. Mist hair with a texturizing spray.

    2. Curl hair loosely with a 1 ½-inch curling iron.

    3. Create three sections on each side. Braid the top section on each side, and when the braids are almost to the back of the head, loosely incorporate the remaining two side sections into the braid.

    4. Merge the side sections, switch to a fishtail braid and continue braiding

    5. Braid loosely and secure the braid at the end.

    6. Gently pull apart the fishtail to create a larger, more voluminous shape.


The event: Black Tie Wedding Dance

Hairstyle idea: Voluminous Chignon

Do this:

    1. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl all of the hair.

    2. Mist hair with a texturizing hair spray.

    3. Backcomb the roots throughout the top section.

    4. Backcomb the rest of the hair.

    5. Smooth the top layer of the hair with a comb to conceal the backcombing underneath.

    6. Divide the hair in half, front and back, from ear to ear.

    7. Gather the back into a French twist and secure the twist with bobby pins .

    8. Release the front and divide it into smaller subsections.

    9. Loosely drape the front, section by section, back into the French twist, pinning each section into the chignon.

    10. Allow a few front sections to fall free to frame the face.


The event: Vows on the Beach

Hairstyle idea: Side-Swept Fishtail Braid

Do this:

    1. Mist hair with beach salt hair spray.

    2. Curl all hair away from the face with a 1-inch iron or flat iron.

    3. Sweep all the curled hair over one shoulder.

    4. Beginning just behind the ear, start forming a fishtail braid by dividing the hair into two even sections.

    5. Isolate a small section of hair from the outer edge near the elastic and cross it over to the opposite side. Repeat with a small section from the other side.  

    6. Tighten the braid and continue to the end. Secure the end with an elastic.

    7. Loosen the braid by pulling it from the sides.