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Best hairstyle for your face shape
How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape
Bang Hairstyles That Are Trending Right Now

Curtain Bangs


Fashion today is full of influences from the ‘70s—think flared pants, floral prints, silk blouses. And when it comes to hair, the ‘70s are also wielding some influence—primarily in the form of curtain bangs. “Curtain bangs are huge right now,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor. “They’re often worn on wavy or straight hair with a center part. They get the name because they form a curtain around a person’s features. You most often see curtain bangs on medium-length hair or long hair.” Normally, women with curly hair are warned away from bang hairstyles, but when it comes to curtain bangs, bring on the curly girls! Top models with curly hair are cutting long bangs and allowing them to flow freely, curtain bang-style, and the result is cute and casually chic curly bangs.

Bold Bangs


This season, says Dilek, after so many seasons of lived-in haircuts with blurred lines, the pendulum is swinging back to haircuts with crisper edges, like geometric bobs reminiscent of the ‘60s. Along with those squared-off shapes, she says, is a resurgence of bolder bangs. “We’re seeing more and more boxy bobs with really strong bangs,” she says. “It’s a very high-fashion, confident look.” To soften these hairstyles slightly, go ahead and put a gentle wave in the bob, Dilek suggests, but leave your bangs solid and straight. The combination of textures—smooth bangs with wavy hair--is another bang hairstyle trend.

Baby Bangs or Micro Bangs


Baby bangs or micro bangs have always been on the fringe of fashion (no pun intended). Today, more and more adventurous stylistas are experimenting with the look. Baby bangs make a strong statement with short haircuts or medium length haircuts. If you have very thick hair, ask your stylist to texturize your baby bangs so they lay flatter on your forehead. If you have fine hair, you can do solid baby bangs or a wispier version. Depending on the size and shape of your forehead, baby bangs can stop an inch or two above your brows, or higher. And if you have curly hair, it’s best to take a pass on this bang hairstyle trend!

Sideswept Bangs


“A lot of my clients love side bangs,” says Matrix Artistic Director and Boston salon owner Michael Albor. Side bangs are flattering for nearly every face shape, and they add a nice element to many haircuts. “If you’re unsure about how you would look in bangs,” says Michael, “here’s a trick. Pull your hair up into a reverse topknot, with the ends in front. Leave the ends out of the topknot and arrange them across your forehead. It’s a great way to test bangs without the commitment.”

Bangs will never go away, concludes Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor. They’re always in fashion in some form. “But before cutting bangs, always consider the shape of your face and your forehead,” she says. “If you have a small forehead and heavy bangs, for example, that hair will take up a lot of real estate on your face. Essentially, you’ll be closing off your face. Or if you have a rounder face, cutting bangs in a round shape will accentuate that softness. A longer, side-swept bang shape would be a better choice because they will create some angles on your face. So regardless of the trend, a bang hairstyle should be flattering.”

“Here’s something I learned from the Ford Models agent early in my career,” adds Michael. “She said when you’re covering a face with bangs, you must be sure you want to see what’s directly underneath those bangs, because the bangs cover up and draw focus to the open space underneath. So If you’re thinking about bangs, put your hand over your forehead. Do you love what you see underneath? Your eyes, your nose? Bangs should be placed and designed to bring out your best features—that’s what you should always keep in mind.”

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