Best Shampoos For Every Hair Type


Sometimes it's easy to discount the importance of your shampoo. You grab whatever's on sale when you're picking up milk, or you use the bottle that's sitting in the shower or the mini in your hotel room. Or possibly, you're overwhelmed by the array of choices-so many shampoos, but only one head of hair!

Best Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Sometimes it’s easy to discount the importance of your shampoo. You grab whatever’s on sale when you’re picking up milk, or you use the bottle that’s sitting in the shower or the mini in your hotel room. Or possibly, you’re overwhelmed by the array of choices—so many shampoos, but only one head of hair! So you may just go with what your girlfriend recommends, or choose the stuff your favorite model/actress says she loves.

But according to hair experts, your shampoo choice is a big deal. It’s like making the right makeup foundation choice—it can be all the difference between you looking tired and “off,” or glowy and sparkly. Plus it sets the stage for whatever comes next. Same with your hair. After shampooing, you probably go on to use conditioners and styling products, and when you do, know that everything works better if you’re starting with the best shampoo for your hair type.

It’s important to pick a shampoo that’s formulated for your hair type because ingredients matter. The best person to ask for a recommendation is your hair stylist, because he or she gets schooled all the time on the newest products, and they work with every type of hair all day long, so they see the results of all types of shampoo formulas. To kick things off, though, here is a rundown of suggested shampoos for every hair type, selected by the pros at Matrix.

You Have: Platinum or Silver Hair

Best choice: Naturally silver or ultra-lightened blonde hair beams when it’s icy and free of dull, yellowy color. So choose a purple shampoo that neutralizes brassy warmth and corrects yellow tones by infusing your hair with cool, violet tones. Use it once or twice a week to keep yucky warmth away.

Try this: Total Results So Silver

You Have: Cool Brunette Hair

Best choice: Brunettes have so many highlighting options these days—from caramel to mocha to milk chocolate. But no matter how you like to lighten your brown locks, brassiness is a buzz-kill. You’ll be able to keep unwanted orange and red tones out of your hair with a blue shampoo that deposits a bit of a neutralizing blue hue. Bonus points if it also prevents breakage and adds nourishment to your hair.

Try this: Total Results Brass Off

You Have: Rainbow Hair

Best choice: Lilac today, red tomorrow and midnight blue is on the horizon. You never met a hair color you didn’t like…and weren’t willing to try! Frequently-colored strands like yours require very gentle treatment in order to keep your color du jour clear and vibrant for as long as possible. Look for products containing antioxidants, which fight the fading caused by exposure to light and air. Part two of any shampoo for colored hair should be the ability to shore up the porosity that causes colored hair to lose shine.

Try this: Total Results Color Obsessed

You Have: Dry Hair

Best choice: Poor thirsty you! Your hair craves moisture to keep it soft, supple and shiny. A hydrating shampoo containing glycerin is a perfect choice for lightweight, yet effective moisture replenishment.

Try this: Total Results Moisture Me Rich

You Have: Curly Hair

Best choice: Curly hair is often in need of a big drink of moisture to control frizz and define your coils. Look for oils like jojoba in the shampoo formula—they provide equal amounts of needed nourishment and moisture.

Try this: Total Results Curl Please