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Festival, Party and Concert Hairstyles

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Water bottle? Check. Sunscreen? Yep. Flower crown, Etsy earrings, band t-shirt? Check, check, check. Looks like you are ready for your summer music festivals. Now there’s just one last thing to do: figure out how to keep your hair looking fierce for three straight days in the desert, the country or the mountains.

We’ve got you covered! Below are some tips for achieving the perfect Coachella inspired hair.

Festival Hair Tips

1. Curl your hair before you go.

Doing so will provide you with a strong foundation for tons of styles over the course of the festival. Add a styling gel to damp hair before you dry it for longer-lasting texture.

2. Pack dry shampoo.

This is a festival essential! It will keep your roots fresh through shower-less days and nights. You can also work it into the lengths of your hair for twisty texture, volume and body.

3. Source nature for your hair ornaments.

Flowers. Berries. Leaves. Twigs. They’ll wind up in your hair anyway, so you might as well make it deliberate and decorative with a flower crown. Alternatively, bring along cool scarves, fabrics and fibers to weave into braids and twists for an arty spin.

4. Start loose and gradually get higher and tighter

Let your hair fly free when the festival begins. Then, as it becomes grittier, start gathering and tightening your style to keep it under control.

Ready for a dose of hippie hair inspiration? Read on for concert hairstyle how-to’s collected by the festival-savvy gurus at Matrix that will have you covered for each day of the festival! 

Day One

Twisted Boho Hairstyle

1. Prep hair with a texture spray.

2. Twirl damp sections around your fingers.

3. Dry while your hair remains twisted.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

1. Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair.

2. Blow dry completely.

3. Mist with texturizing hair spray from roots to ends and use fingers to tousle the product into the hair.

4. Create 1- to 1 ½-inch sections and gently backcomb the base of each. Then curl with a 1-inch curling iron, directing the curls away from the face.

5. Pin each curl in place with a clip.

6. Once cool, remove clips, flip head upside down and shake.

7. Gather the top half loosely and secure with large hair pins at the base of the crown.


Hippie Inspired Hairstyle

1. Apply air-dry cream to damp hair.

2. Divide hair into four sections.

3. Divide each quadrant in half and twist each half together.

4. Secure the twists with an elastic and air dry.

5. Remove the elastic, unfurl and comb with a large-tooth comb.

Day Two


Locs & Loc Hairstyle

1. Refresh locs.

2. Gather all hair loosely in a high ponytail.

3. Secure with an elastic.

4. Flip the pony over to hide the elastic.


Half Up Half Down Bun Party Hairstyle

1. Mist hair with a dry texturizing spray

2. Divide the head in half vertically.

3. Then divide the head in three horizontal sections with two partings—ear to ear and across the back of the head beneath the crown.

4. Divide the center section in half.

5. Backcomb each section.

6. Roll the two halves into small buns and secure with hair pins.

7. Divide the back section in half and create fishtail braids on each side.

8. Embellish the front section with a small, three-strand braid.


Boxer Braid Hairstyle

1. Work dry shampoo into the hair.

2. Split the head down the middle.

3. Beginning a few inches behind the hairline on each side, begin Dutch braiding the hair, adding in hair to each side and keeping the braids tight to the head.

4. At the base of the neck, continue braiding, but shift to a conventional three-strand braid.

5. Braid as closely to the ends as possible and secure with a bright elastic.

6. Gently pull apart the braids for a plumper shape.

Day Three


Crown Hairstyle

1. Create a center part.

2. Gather all hair above the ear on one side and secure with an elastic.

3. Braid the resulting ponytail across the top of the head.

4. Secure the braid and pin it behind the opposite ear.

5. Gently pull apart the braid.

6. Secure the loops with a few pins if necessary.

7. Release a few slender tendrils around the face.


Messy Bun Hairstyle with Headband

1. Work a texturizing, salt-infused spray into the hair.

2. Pull all hair into a high ponytail.

3. Loosely twist the pony around your hand, forming a large bun.

4. Pin all around the bun to secure.

5. Gently pull apart the bun to loosen and expand the shape.

6. Place a thin headband just behind the hairline.


Two Bun Hairstyle with Cords

1. Braid hair into tight cornrows.

2. Knot bundles of colored silk cording into the cornrows.

3. Wind the cords into large buns or braids.

4. Secure the bundled cords.

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