10 Ponytail Hairstyle Trends You Will Love


Big ponytail hairstyles, curly ponytail hairstyles. Bouncy ponytails, bubbly ponytails, braided ponytails. The classic ponytail hairstyle now has so many style variations, it’s much more than the default hairstyle for your spin class. It’s a fashion statement, and a hairstyle “do” for many occasions—even formal events! Here, the Matrix style experts identify the top 10 ponytail hairstyle trends right now!

Give your ponytail a twist with a plump braid. To get the look, gather all hair to one side and secure it into a high, side ponytail. Mist the ponytail with dry shampoo to provide body and texture. Form a loose, three-strand braid or fishtail braid and secure the ends with an elastic. Remove the elastic at the top of the tail and gently stretch out the braid on each side with your fingertips.

The Festival Ponytail


Hair Color Credit: @dilekonurtaylor

Here are all the ingredients for a good time—a ponytail, braids and hair color that evokes the mood of a desert sunset! To get the look, Dilek Onur-Taylor created a Mohawk section on top, divided it in half and loosely twisted the top sections. She created small scalp braids on each side, then secured all the remaining ends into the loose, low ponytail.

The Punk Ponytail


Admittedly, this ponytail isn’t for everyone. But if you’re the type who loves to shake things up, this is the ponytail of your street-style dreams. Keep the undercut section soft with regular applications of hair treatment oil, and wear your Mohawk tail high and proud—like the boss that you are!


The Side To Side Ponytail

Create a deep side part, then sweep all your hair to the opposite side and gather it into a low, side ponytail. This dressed-up version of the ponytail is perfect for a work day. Matrix Artistic Director Michael Albor advises smoothing and curling your hair first to give the look loads of shine and polish.

The Curly Ponytail Hairstyle


Whether your hair is naturally curly or you’ve created a curly hair texture with a curling iron, gathering the curly lengths into a low ponytail is a cool and chic ponytail hairstyle option for summer. Keep the top sleek, but not too flat—try applying a volumizing mousse and blow drying your hair to encourage volume at the roots before you curl your hair. Before you step out, release a few soft tendrils above your eyes to frame your face.

The Wedding Ponytail


A ponytail that you can wear down the aisle? Absolutely, when it’s beautifully and carefully crafted. Many special occasion hairstyles feature a ponytail as the foundation, and then are adorned with additional twists and braids to make the look formal. When texture is in play, it can be enhanced bybalayage highlights, which bring out the luminosity of every curl and curve!

Color Melted Ponytails


Color meltingis the hottest hair color trend, and when it’s combined with a curly ponytail hairstyle, the results are off the charts! According to Matrix Artistic Director Dilek Onur-Taylor, melting involves applying a variety of hair color shades from top to bottom and then blending or melting each shade together on the hair to prevent sharp lines of demarcation. The colors flow together. You can do color melts in natural hues of blonde or brunette, or opt for fashion, metallic or pastel hair colors.

The Xl Ponytail


Go ahead, go long. Really long. Everyone is taking their tails to great lengths these days—the longer the better. If you don’t have enough of your own hair to rock a swingy, XL ponytail, consider adding a hairpiece to go the distance. And here’s a handy pro ponytail tip: to tame flyaway hairs around your hairline and keep it neat and sleek, take a small toothbrush, spray it with hair spray and gently brush back all the little hairs around your hairline. They’ll be tamed instantly.

The Metallic Lilac Half Ponytail


Hair Color Credit: @sadie_louisa_hair

You don’t have to go all the way. The half ponytail is flattering for most face shapes because it leaves some hair length to fill in a jawline or elongate a neck. Albor advises gathering the top half of the hair loosely for a soft look. For a modern touch, incorporate a figure-eight braid into the ponytail—the better to show off a trendy, icy lilac haircolor shade!

The Make-It-A-Double Ponytail


Are two ponytails better than one? They are when they’re part of a sassy look that incorporates eye-grazing bangs into the total picture. The deeply-waved ponytails are placed high on the head for a jaunty vibe, and the smoothness of the bangs provide a dramatic counterpoint to the curves of the tails. Cat-eye eye makeup is optional but certainly recommended! To keep the overall hair texture sleek, mist hair with a flexible-hold hairspray.

The Braided Ponytail