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11 Of The Year’s Hottest Hair Color Trends

Blue Highlights

a blue streak hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @cynthialumzy & @cryistalchaos

Shades of blue have left the realm of little old ladies and emerged as some of the most in-demand hues for 2018. An inky base color highlighted with twinkly blue streaks is a brilliant and creative way to make blue hair look almost natural, because the hair color design provides loads of realistic dimension.

Blondes Of Steel

blondes of steel hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @studiocolorista

How cool can your blonde go? Blonde hair is flirting with icy tones like silver and slate to place it in the deep freeze. The effect is dramatic, eye-grabbing and expensive looking. Skip it if your complexion has warm undertones—if that’s the case a cool blonde shade will wash you out entirely. If you decide to embrace the look, stock up on purple-toned shampoos to keep your hair color free of unwelcome warmth.

Citrus Hair Color

citrus hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @hairbymandypavia & @msnataliejean

It may not necessarily provide you with your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C, but citrus hair—lemon, orange, grapefruit—will definitely add zest to your look. Try a single, allover color, or mix up a few vibrant hues for a truly refreshing change.

Copper Hair Color

copper hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @egotisticalbarbie

A burnished copper hair color looks unbelievably chic on curly hair. A touch of rich brown in the formula prevents the shade from looking too brassy and provides an overall, sophisticated effect. It’s a very grown-up option if you’re considering red hair but don’t want a shade that’s too bold or bright.

Dark Wash Denim Hair Color

Dark Wash Denim hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @pati.rodrigz

If you think your options are limited if you have natural dark hair, do it like denim. A dark wash of deep blue retains the overall level of your black hair but adds a subtle upgrade. It’s important to make sure dark hair of any shade is always rich and shiny. Apply a hair oil treatment to damp hair before drying to add moisture and repair damage that can cause colored hair to look dull.

Double Berry Hair Color

Double Berry hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @coryhoffmanhair

Pantone named Ultra Violet as its color of the year for 2018, and every version of purple—from lilac to grape—is trending as a result. A favorite combination is orchid and blueberry ombré for a refreshing and unique spin on the color purple.

Honey Rose Hair Color

Honey Rose hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @dylanprescotthair_

Consider this rose gold hair color’s sophisticated older sister. It’s a warm, luscious shade, anchored by rich toffee brown shades and enlivened with sparkling peach/pink highlights. To prolong the life of any hair color, choose a natural-origin shampoo that’s formulated specifically to prevent premature fading on color-treated hair.

Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @boybea.uty

Make a splash with this high-impact hue, inspired by the ever-shifting tones of the sea. Make waves by winding narrow sections around a small curling iron to show off the variation in the hair color and bring out the dimensional highs and lows. Hair color this intense requires lots of pre-lightening to accommodate the final blue/green tones, so ask your hairstylist about using one of the new bond reinforcement additives in each hair color formula to protect hair and prevent damage.

Metallic Pastel Hair Color

Metallic Pastels hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @al_chabot & @carocoloriste

Whisper soft with a reflective metallic finish, “pastellics” is the newest iteration of pastel hair color shades. Think smoky lilac, stainless steel rose, silver gray or aluminum-toned mint. Satisfy any metal urge with luminous, reflective metallic pastel hair color.

Metallic Camo Hair Color

Military Metallics hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @noradababneh

This season, military shades of olive green get glamorous treatment. Transformed into reflective yet subtle metallic hues, the effect of metallic camo hair color is equal parts fierce and high fashion. It’s an especially appropriate hair color option for darker hair colors—done either as accent shades or allover hair color.

Orchid Balayage Hair Color

Orchid Balayage hair color trend

Hair Color Credit: @michellehair

Who says balayage has to be blonde? Balayage highlights really bring the drama when they’re done in variations of orchid purple. (Which, by the way, is one of the season’s hottest color in hair, fashion, décor and makeup!) It’s the perfect answer to blonde balayage fatigue!

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