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top fall balayage hair color trends
Top Fall Balayage Hair Color Trends
10 Trending Short Hairstyles For 2019

Squared-Off Short Hairstyle

Squared Off short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @curtiscolorshair

A little shorter, a little sharper—the gently-waved lob gets a refresh for 2019. Add thick, square bangs and a pastel rainbow color melt hair shade, and you’ll sail into your year like a short-haired boss. Use a hair texturizing spray and a flat iron with rounded edges to create these loose waves.

Mohawk Braid Short Hairstyle

Mohawk Braid short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @nicolamurrayhair

Who says you can’t braid short hair? This Mohawk-style Dutch braid is a modern take on a half-up, half-down hairstyle for short hair. The curled lengths keep it soft and feminine. And please note the completely on-trend, cream soda hair color. It’s a little bit blonde, a little bit brown and completely gorgeous.

Pink Pixie Cut

Pink Pixie cut short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @milabelovahair

What’s new in pixie land? Get ready for a sassy, ‘60s hair vibe! Look for top lengths that are a little bit shorter and squarer, with wide, eye-grazing bangs. Bonus points if your short pixie cut is transformed by a sweet new hair color, like this pink cotton candy hue. Be sure to take care of your fashion hair color with color-care shampoos and conditioners that prevent fading and promote shine.

Angled Bob Short Hairstyle

angled bob short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @HairGod_Zito

Find yourself a stylist who’s skilled with the shears, because one of the year’s biggest short hairstyle trends is bobs that are cut with ultimate precision. A slight taper, from short in the back to longer in front, makes the cut swingy and chic, and a “banana split” hair color melt makes it irresistible. For a glassy, flawless finish, use a lightweight styling oil to repel frizz and enhance shine.

Celestial Curls Short Hairstyle

Celestial Curls short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @juliocolor

Liberate your curls with a short haircut that allows them to spring to life. This flattering shape is slim on the sides and fuller on top. Add sky blue hair color for a result that’s downright heavenly. To create defined, consistent curls, divide hair into small sections, apply a butter-enhanced styling crème and twist the hair. Once the twists are dry, gently unfurl each one with your fingers and shake hair at the scalp to blend.

Layered Pixie Cut

layered pixie short hairstyle

A few wispy layers add so much body to fine hair. And there’s a bonus—they also give your pixie haircut tons of styling versatility. You can smooth your pixie with a styling crème, or really define the layers with a lightweight molding paste.

Buzz, Buzz Cut Short Hairstyle

womens Buzz cut short hairstyle

This feminine take on a classic fade haircut is fearless. The female iteration keeps more length on the sides, as opposed to the “high and tight” version often sported by guys. Maintenance is a no-brainer—just work in a three-in-one paste, cream, wax formula with the palms of your hands to add shine and defy flyaways and you’re good to go!

Choppy Bob Short Hairstyle

choppy bob short hairstyle

Aggressive layering transforms your bob haircut from bland to bam! Raise the edginess factor even more with loads of honey and platinum blonde highlights, anchored by a darker shadow root for depth and dimension.

Coral Bob Short Hairstyle

coral bob short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @Jaymz.Marsters

Living Coral is the Pantone color of the year 2019—a cheery and optimistic shade that tells the world you’re on the cutting edge when it’s used to update your bob haircut. The peachy shade with a golden undertone is flattering to nearly every complexion, casting a glow over your skin that looks like candlelight. Use a large curling iron to create soft bends in the mid-lengths of your hair, omitting the top and ends.

Modern Shag Short Haircut

modern shag short hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @cryistalchaos

Ask your hairstylist for this ‘80s hair-inspired silhouette and unleash your inner Joan Jett. The layers make the shape super versatile. You can wear your hair smooth or scrunch in a salt-infused spray to create a roughed-up texture.

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