Total Results: Miracle Creator


It’s such a fortunate set of circumstances when technology and artistry converge in a way that we don’t notice either one individually, but together make us feel and look better than we could have imagined.

It’s such a fortunate set of circumstances when technology and artistry converge in a way that we don’t notice either one individually, but together make us feel and look better than we could have imagined. Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment achieves this combination seamlessly!  When you have a product with 20 benefits the value is in realizing all that Total Results Miracle Creator is doing for you in those few sprays. Whether creating shine, detangling providing thermal protection, fighting frizz, priming for styling……it’s the technology you need that delivers the style you create.

Let’s look at the future of haircare with 20/20 vision!

For Fine hair:

In the past, leave-in conditioners or over-all conditioners have been ineffective or too heavy, especially for fine hair, and interfered with the performance of styling products. A great alternative is to apply conditioner only to the ends, rinse, then spray Total Results Miracle Creator all-over  to balance moisture, condition and shine while priming fine hair for styling.

For men:

More is better has been the misconception. Adding more and more styling product will only add to an overly waxy, plastic, and greasy finish.  Prepping hair is important  and using Total Results Miracle Creator as a styling primer will enhance the benefits of your favorite styling products and help to create strength and structure for  a wearable style. A few sprays on damp hair before styling or cocktailed into a  favorite styler never fails.

For Curly hair:

Curly hair is like a fingerprint, no two textures are the same.  I have found that curly hair needs the most TLC and Total Results Miracle Creator addresses all curly hair issues for a personalized individual result, Total Results Miracle Creator holds moisture, fights frizz and protects hair when using thermal tools. It works best on curly hair when applied to mid-lengths and ends where hair is most porous.  For coarse curls, I use Total Results Super Defrizzer Gel hair emulsified with another  spray of Miracle Creator and for fine curls I layer on Total Results Curl Please Contouring Lotion.  Total Results Miracle Creator is also great to blow-out hair when curly girls feel like playing it straight for a day or two!

So I have talked about how Miracle Creator is great on certain hair types, but this multi-tasking treatment is so versatile there are so many more benefits to talk about.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use Total Results Miracle Creator!

PROLONGS HAIRSTYLES: A few sprays in your hand and massaged into damp hair creates the perfect foundation before applying stylers.

FIXES BREAKAGE: When used regularly Total Results Miracle Creator helps to fix breakage and split ends on hair that has had its strength and condition compromised.

ENHANCES MANAGEABILITY: Instead of being confused about what or how much styling product to use, Total Results  Miracle Creator softens rough hair and makes it more manageable allowing our products and techniques to do their job most effectively.

SHINE BOOSTER & FRIZZ FIGHTER: On dry hair, I use Total Resuts Miracle Creator to finish my styles with smoothness, shine and protect against humidity. Instead of spraying directly onto  the hair, I spray it above and let Miracle Creator fall onto the surface of the hair. Then a natural bristle paddle or round brush and a warm dryer will sooth and smooth the hair for a long lasting finish.

CORRECTS POROSITY: -Porosity creates so many challenges when coloring or lightening hair effectively. A few sprays on the porous (dry) parts of the hair will allow color/lightener to work more evenly and effectively on all of the hair.

INSTANT DETANGLER:-After shampooing and towel drying, Total Results Miracle Creator is an incredible detangler and weightless conditioner on even the finest of hair textures.

What I love the most about Total Results Miracle Creator is-- everything! It’s a stand-alone product that makes the hair better in 20 ways!