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Fall Hair Color Trend – Vibrant, Bold, Fashion Hair Colors
9 Fall Hair Color Trends For A New You

Mushroom Brown Hair Color


Revive faded summer highlights with depth and richness by adding some neutral brown lowlight tones like mushroom to your hair color. The deeper color will allow your existing highlights to look lighter and brighter without re-bleaching your hair. After applying the lowlights, your hairstylist will probably use an all-over toner in a cool shade to blend the colors together.

Flannel Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @makeupbyfrances

It’s inevitable. Even if you don’t have a preppy bone in your body, nearly everyone is inclined to grab a cozy flannel shirt at some point on a crisp day. This season, some of the most popular hair colors around are inspired by these plaid flannel palettes. “Look for deep, rich shades of copper, auburn, deep crimson, plum and eggplant, often intermixed in a single design, just like plaid,” says Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson.

Periwinkle Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @elodiedreams

A heavenly mashup of violet, blue and lavender, this celestial shade is as classic and comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. The shades in the new Matrix SOCOLOR Cult collection make it easy to create this dusty hue. The secret to creating a standout shade of periwinkle is to combine slender strands of silvery blue, stonewashed denim and dusty purple for an all-over, multi-dimensional result.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair Color


Photo Credit: @constancerobbins

Coppery red is always a winner, and this season the spicy shade gets a sophisticated upgrade with strawberry blonde balayage highlights. It starts with a deeper copper penny red at the roots, gradually becoming lighter in the center of select strands and ending up strawberry blonde on the ends. To keep your red hair color looking as fresh and vivid as the day it was done, opt for gentle, color-friendly natural-origin shampoos and conditioners, like Biolage R.A.W. products that won’t disturb the hair color molecules.

Biscuit Blonde Curls


Hair Color Credit: @dancsicsaihair

Soft, muted blonde highlights brings a sophisticated new dimension to naturally-curly hair, plus the pale shade illuminates hair and skin like a halo. A range of light-to-medium biscuit-inspired tones keeps the overall effect cool and elegant. Curly hair is often on the fragile side, so be sure your stylist uses a bond-repair and protection product, like Bond Ultim8, in all of your hair color formulas to keep your hair healthy and silky.

Caramel Highlights


Highlights in brunette hair color can be so subtle, yet they upgrade brown hair like miles can upgrade your coach ticket to business class. Caramel is this season’s first highlight choice for brunette hair—it’s the perfect golden hue that warms up brown without veering into brassy territory. “Brunettes can keep hair from becoming brassy long-term with regular use of a blue-toned shampoo and conditioner, like Total Results Brass Off line,” advises Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana. “Use it once or twice a week to neutralize unwanted red or orange tones.”

Muted Gem Tone Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @krazy4hair & @cutbyivis

This season, the jewelry store is offering up a myriad of ideas for hair color. Shop in the precious gemstone department—you’ll see amethysts, sapphires, emeralds. These vivid, rich, shiny jewels are turning up as must-have hair colors—and a way to truly express yourself! “Follow the same hair color rules with gem tone shades as you would with any color,” advises Stenson. “In other words, make sure the colors you choose harmonize with your skin tone and eye color.”

Warm Honey Blonde Hair Color


After several seasons of icy blonde perfection, the pendulum is swinging in a warmer direction. “Many of my blondes are requesting warmer golden and honey tones,” says Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas. “It’s a more relaxed look for fall. These blondes are easier to create, and they flatter just about every skin tone.” For the most natural-looking results, the color should be deeper at the roots, with the majority of the lighter blonde highlights placed on the ends, off of the part and around the face.

Silvery Pearl Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @stevieenglishhair

Here is fall’s answer to platinum blonde hair color. This shimmery, reflective shade is a striking blend of ice blonde, lilac and silver, all beautifully blended for a striking result that looks as if it was created on the moon. Keep this gorgeous shade on tone and on point with regular use of a purple-toned shampoo, like Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver. It will eliminate any unwanted yellowing that can compromise this twinkly hue.


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